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Chicken Republic - Soulful, African spiced chicken


At Chicken Republic we believe that great people make great brands. That is why we continually invest in recruitment, training and team building. We are proud that since inception the company has trained and employed over 5000 people.

Staff incentive remains a top priority and many of our people have now taken advantage of our Chicken Republic Incentive Scheme (CRIS) and performance bonus. This has ignited more passion and more self-motivation.  In addition, we consistently develop critical leadership functions within the organization, creating career development plans that encourage our people to learn and grow as we afford them opportunities to expand their horizons and work their way up to more senior positions.

Finally, we are proud of the fact that all new employees, regardless of their background, designation or stature, start work in-store behind the counter, waiting tables and in the kitchen where our brand and customer experiences meet.