I-Be-Lady O Summit

As a business that prides itself on the active advancement and employment of women, Food Concepts Plc. partnered with STEMi Makers Africa and the U.S. Consulate General, Lagos, to sponsor the I-Be-Lady O Summit.

This exciting initiative offers African women transformative growth, opportunities, mentorship and visibility in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and other key career pathways.

The summit provided a forum for women to communicate their ideas, collaborate in small clusters, brainstorm on ideas and leverage on their knowledge to solve business needs and make a positive impact in their local communities. The I-Be-Lady O Summit had a range of career and personal development talk as well as discussions from ladies who have excelled in their respective careers.

Food Concepts was eager to support this initiative. The objectives and outcomes of this forum are very much in line with our ongoing efforts to be one of the most advanced gender equality businesses of our size in the industry.

At present, 60 % of the Food Concepts Executive team and 52 % of all employees of the business are female. By 2023 we will have 500 stores, directly employing over 8000 people in Nigeria alone. We are fully committed to ensuring that over 4000 of those will be women.