ChickenRepublic_SecurityNoticeDear Customer / Partner,

It has come to our notice that cyber criminals are attempting to use the Chicken Republic Brand to defraud customers.

They do this with false advertising and by creating illegal listings, under our good name, on Google and on other search engines. They offer meal deliveries and other prizes as a means to entice customers to share banking details and other forms of personal information.

Whilst Chicken Republic actively searches the internet for such scams and shuts them down as we find them; it is critical that you, our most valued customers, are well informed and appropriately enabled to protect yourself against cyber-crimes.

We advise the following as precautionary measures:

DO NOT share your banking or personal details with ANYONE over the phone or on WhatsApp.

  • Chicken Republic is yet to launch WhatsApp ordering and we DO NOT accept telephonic orders that require payment in advance.
  • You can still order telephonically, either from your local restaurant or via our customer care line on 080 9016 5942 and then pay upon collection or delivery.
  • NOBODY from Chicken Republic should ever ask you for your banking details.  Should this happen, please report immediately by calling 080 9016 5942 or via email.

ONLY use approved channels when ordering and paying online, do not respond to any surveys unless they are hosted on one of our official channels and only respond to web adverts (Google and banner adverts) that push you to the official Chicken Republic website. If you do not end up on the Official Chicken Republic website; the advert is probably a scam. Check your sources and only engage with authentic advertising campaigns and promotions on our official social media pages.

Our registered Chicken Republic web domains (secured with SSL encryption) include:

Our approved online ordering & delivery partners are:


Our official social media channels are:

X (formerly Twitter)


Remember you can always access local restaurant contact details (addresses & phone numbers) from the store locator page on our website or by calling our customer care line: 080 9016 5942

Rest assured, your data privacy and security are important to us. You have our firm commitment that we will keep you well informed and that we will never share your information with any third party, without first obtaining your permission.

If you suspect or encounter any fraudulent or dodgy behaviour, please report immediately to our Customer Care team by calling 080 9016 5942 or via email.